Friday, July 27, 2012

Camping Trip

I was going through some of my things today and stumbled across my memory stick that i have been looking for, for sometime now.. YAY!! It has photos from last years trip to the Zoo and our camping trip that i never got to share!! So here are some photos from our camping trip to Hart Springs, and YUP we camp the old fashion way in a tent!
Setting up camp!
Yay, Thank you Dad & Uncle Buck!!
A tree at our camp site we thought was interesting!

Pretty neat, huh?

Auntie Stacey and Katie playing Horse Shoes!

I'm going to WIN!!

Time to swim!

It's so beautiful, I love it here!
My awesome beautiful sister, Stacey!
Katie met a friend!

Skip da de doooo!

Aww, Punkie loves her Mommy!!!

& Auntie Stacey!!


My handsome husband, Trent!
Time to roast marshmallows!

Was a blast and we can't wait to do it again!!!


  1. Cool! All that I had to do to watch the slide show full-screen was to scroll with the wheel on the mouse! Nice!

    You post great stuff, Sharon.

    Heavy D

  2. Most of us really enjoy the concept of camping — sleeping under the stars, trailers for rent