Saturday, May 5, 2012

Girls got game

As most of my friends and family know I'm a gamer chick and my game of choice lately has been COD Black Ops. My best friend and her two kids came down for a visit so i decided to teach Tyler how a girl got game!!! hahaha We played a couple Team death matches and he's all like dang how you get so many kills? and how you flying that gunner? hahahaha I  ran him through some combat training. He gonna be a little gamer when I'm done with him! So, Punk deiced to challange him( what he didn't know is Punk is a gamer too DUH! lol) I'm in the other room changing Gracie and I hear Tyler say "I got 2 kills and 12 Deaths." then Punk pops off with "Wellllllllllllll I got 12 kills and 2 deaths, so that makes 75 kills." Bawhahahahahahahah They totally sound like me and Trent!!!! I know a lot of people just don't understand gamers, for me it was a way to connect with my Daddy for as far back as i can remember me and him played together and that's how we spent time with each other, it was OUR time and i loved every moment. So, now as an adult i guess you could say it's a way that i was taught to connect with people. me and my hubby play together, we work as a team, strategies and take um down, with every victory and with every defeat we received we did it as a team.

I miss my dad.

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