Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jibber Jab

It's late VERY late and yet again I'm not sleeping. During the day i have absolutely no time for myself, I'm either cleaning, doing laundry, changing poopoo/peepee diapers, making bottles, looking for employment, cooking or playing with my daughter. I had forgotten how hectic life is with a newborn, how we mommy's seem to never have time for ourselves. I try to take me time at night when the house is quite and everyone is sleeping.

Tonight my little one decided bed time was not going to go over so smoothly, you know when you are trying oh so hard to be quite and not squeak a door or step to hard on the floor as your checking in on your little ones?! Well apparently a pin drop could be heard by my little one tonight! As i snuck in to check on her the first time there they we're.... a VERY large set of blue eyes staring up at me, i jumped back as if she were a monster and prayed she did not see me LOL then i heard "Uh" "Aww" "Ow" "Uhhhhh" the cute little noises she makes when she jibber jabs at me. I couldn't resist, even though i was losing "me" time how could i resist a jibber jab, slobber fest with my Punkin!?!  I have to admit i love the reaction she gets when she sees me after she has been sleeping or playing alone, the wide sparkling eyes, the biggest adorable smile, the look of pure joy and excitement for me her mommy!! It's over joice and overwhelming at the same time to know this little person, this little perfect person is depending souly on you for everything!!

Even though i had forgotten a lot of the things that come with a newborn, i wouldn't trade a moment of it for the world. I consider myself so lucky and blessed to have my girls. I have to say i give myself a huge pat of the back for my oldest daughter Katie she will be 7 come August. She is an awesome, smart, beautiful, caring, AMAZING child! I must be doing something right in parenting to have had a child turn out as she has so far in her little 7 years of life! I'm a proud parent, a very proud parent!!!  She has been with my mom for the rest of her summer vacation and i miss her so much, we talk daily on the phone and I'm counting down the days till she comes home. I couldn't imagine life always being like this. I miss her.

It's 4:45am I need to sleep.
I'm not really sure where i was going with this.
But, it's here... a sleepy loving mommy jibber jab.....
xox I'm out.

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