Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mommy's Punk

So, my oldest daughter Katherine will be 7..... SEVEN years old in August!! Oh how i can't believe my "Punkie" will be SEVEN!! Damn it SEVEN!! It's crazy, some parts of life seem as though time has stopped and then things like my girls growing up seem to be speeding like a modern day kick ass speed racer trying to cross the finish line with a big bang punch in the face.  Katherine is going to my Mom's for the rest of Summer vacation in freaking Tennessee.. 9 hours away.... I catch myself not breathing when i think about her being away from me for that long, in the almost 7 years of her life she has never been away from me for more the 2 days and only 20 minutes away, so for me this is a BIG deal. I trust my Mom and Scott(btw- Scott is my mother's 20 year live in boy friend and father of my only brother.) I know they will take awesome care of her and to tell the truth I think I'm more worried about my emotional well being with her gone. Katherine absolutely drives me crazy. but, the kind of crazy the keeps me sane, if you can understand that!? Well, at least i will have my rainbow baby Gracie girl to help with Katherine being gone and we're going to try and plan a surprise birthday party for her while she is with nanny, She wants Monster High crap lol. I've been looking in to ordering Monster High crap and NO ONE has any crap that isn't "special order" which to me really means "EXPENSIVE SHIT". So I think I'm going to get crafty(since i can draw some what and am super crafty) and make some CRAP myself!!!!!!!  Monster High shouldn't be to hard, right?...  AND she wants an Ipad which i think she may get if she is super sweet to me before she takes off to Tennessee lol.
 I found a sweet deal on a not so name brand one, I mean she is only going to be7 so an 800.00 Apple isn't gonna happening on my budget!! Actually the punk wants to get online and  is trying to stress me out enough to just hand it to her and say HERE HAVE IT!! lol. So being the awesome kick ass momma that I am.... HERE KATHERINE TAKE THE DAMN THING and make a damn birthday wish list while your on it!! LOL I'm out. ;-) ps. LOVE my PUNK!!!!!!!!

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