Thursday, July 26, 2012

Morning Giggle

Mmmmmmmm!! Coffee oh how i loveth you! It's early I'm parked at my laptop, coffee in hand.
My husband makes great coffee even if it is leftovers from his pot before leaving to work this morning!
So, I'm not so shocked this morning about the emails i received, second time this week i was bomb-barded with "OMG, did you see that *itch coping you?" type 411  ::Giggles::

I'm totally flattered!

I can not name names because that's just wrong but, "someone" called me to tell me all about how a certain person keeps coping everything i do and make. Now this morning i got emails too.
At first i was shocked and kind of pissed. I mean really people use your brains, come up with your own shit. 
but, then i felt flattered. I mean I'm crafty and interesting ::Giggling some more::
Honestly if my shit is so awesome that you need to do or say the same thing as me, then I'm totally doing something right!!
The only thing i ask is if you totally copy my shit "frame by frame" link that shit back to me, give credit where it is due!!I would do that for you!!

Obviously you really think I'm awesome, even if you are talking *ish behind my back.

I was taught to "kill people with kindness" and  if that don't work smash their face!! ::Giggling even more::
Sometimes it's really REALLY hard to be nice to someone, when you want to smash face first, then smile!

Listen, if i could make it through the fake smiles and fake sympathies at my son's funeral and all the hurtful things that we're said about me. I WILL make it through you're childish antics.
Seriously though...
Get a life!!

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(Kisses from the girls)

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  1. I want that card to be my epitaph!!!

    Love this blog, as usual!!!

    Heavy D