Thursday, July 26, 2012


I decided to give my blog a make over and show y'all the new button i made, 
the old coffee and newspaper button was just a thrown together real quick 
something LOL ugly as hell but it worked for the time being.

My new button!

Adorable, right!?! 

Well, I love it! ;0)

Anyhow, My mom made a little quick video of my Punkie Katie singing 
her favorite song Taylor Swift 's"Love Story" today. We have been
talking about making videos of her singing or doing
little web shows, she totally loves ICarly and
wants a show like hers.
She wants to be a "Rock Star"...
Mhm... Well, to me she already is a STAR!
She is amazing at everything she does.
I so can't wait to get my snuggie bear back!!
I'm a lost Mommy with out her....
Thank Heaven for my Punkin Gracie or i would be in a nut house already!
 One good thing is I'm totally not going nuts over party plans like i have done the past 6 years!
It's not worth stressing over, finally figured that out after 7 years.
OK, that sounded bad, I don't mean to say that she is not worth stressing over. 
What i am trying to say is that the stress is since less, if you happen to raise you're kids RIGHT, they will absolutely love and be thankful for whatever you do for them!!
Oh, Sharon don't go second guessing yourself now....
OK.. I'm not...shew...
I know she will be happy as long as there is friends to play with, cake to eat and gifts!!
Ask me how i feel about this later, when party time gets closer!

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  1. I've learned that stressing doesn't change a thing except your blood pressure -- but still do it; guess it's part of my nature.

    I love your new button as well.

    Heavy D