Thursday, July 12, 2012

Septemeber 2010(143)

Do you believe in signs from beyond?  I have had several strange and enlightening things happen to me since the day we lost our son, tonight being one of them!
I have been apart of an online group called Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope for some time now.
I was browsing their site looking for my "Face of Full Term Stillbirth" Photo. As i got to the list this is what i seen.
My son was born September 2010 and as everyone knows "143" is code for I love you. I have been using this code for as long as i can remember for signatures on my letters, back in the beeper days, texts to hubby and it's even part of my email address I've had for over 20 years! CaptiveHeart143 ;0)
 Call me crazy, i could careless!!!!
143 baby boy!
Mommy loves YOU!!!!!!

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