Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sharon Homemaker!!

Finally finished Katie's top and Gracie's dress in between making Katie's mermaid tail!
I love love love this Vintage Dressmaker sewing machine!! New isn't always better, as a beginner is does what is needed and i think it's uber cute!
                                          Thank you, Aunt Joyce!

Katie's Top
Gracie's Dress
I think i did an awesome job for my first real pieces of clothing!!


  1. I think that you did an awesome job, too, but Katie's top needs to be more colorful. 8D

    Heavy D

  2. You done and awesome job Sharon!!! I remember when I was little and my mom would make my clothes for me. I always felt special because people would be, your dress is beautiful, where did you get it? I would tell them that it was one of a kind original, my mom made it for me. My handmade clothes by mom meant more to me and anything store bought. I knew she put love into every stitch as I'm sure Katie will know as well. I'm sure she will let Gracie know that love is stitched in theirs as well!!