Monday, July 16, 2012

Up day!

Today has been a pretty good "up" day for me, even though i barely had any sleep last night, Punkin(Gracie) wanted to play till around 12am, by the time i got her to sleep i was past the point of tired, you know when your so tired that your not tired anymore?! yup, that was me! Plus i have been over stressed about bills, jobs, family, the future, Punkies birthday and how the hell im going to do it all, ect... so to try and get my mind off of everything i started watching the TV show "Pretty Little Liars" for a teen drama it got my attention, before i new it, it was after 2am, i turned the show off and laid down... i just laid there...... I got back up and worked on one of my blogs that i will be posting soon, I'm not sure when i will be done writing it as i keep going back and rethinking everything on it because it may cause lots of anger with my family. But, that is not my intentions, I'm me and it's the truth! OK enough about that!

My Uncle Johnny and Auntie Joyce came for a visit today, there always bringing me crafting goodies!! Today i got a sewing machine and fabrics! which could have not came at a better time because my Punkie(Katie) wants a mermaid tail for her birthday!! Even though i'm a bit shy i love just being around Uncle Johnny, he is such a happy, positive person ALL smiles, I feel closer to my granny Sharon around him, he reminds me of better days!!! Thank you both for the gifts and the awesome vibes you bring, you both ROCK!!

I'm debating if i should start the "Mermaid tail project" tonight or in the morning, i haven't been able to find a pattern anywhere online that i like! So I'm hoping and praying the idea/pattern i have in my head works out.
I have so many craft projects sitting on my craft shelf screaming at me to finish them, my ADD is showing.... I'm horrible about starting and not finishing things.. But, i can say orders from our customers take priority over new ideas and with that being said my own daughters birthday wish is TOP priority right now!!

BTW, Punkie is Katie and Punkin is Gracie, just in case there is any confusion! Momma's little Punks! ;0)

Wish me luck!!
I'm out xox

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