Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vote for me!

Hello readers! So, I got an email this AM from TopMommyBlogs.com  saying they read, reviewed and excepted my blog to their website. Awesome! There is a button on the side of this blog with a Suzie homemaker type lady juggling crap CLICK that to vote for my blog, PLEASE :) Oh, and you can vote daily if you like my blog(or at least read it)!!! OK. Well, my Mom, Stacey and Scotty will be here this evening. I been so stressing myself out over their visit, I'm super happy to see them because i miss them so much i just hope i make it through the stress of worrying things will be good enough for my Mom! Me, Trent, our 2 girls and my other sister Stephanie are living in my Mom's house while she is in Tennessee, Mom has been talking about putting the house and land up for sale and we are to be getting it ready, it seems like the more we do OR i should say can afford to do right now the more I'm overwhelmed at what needs to be done. Keeping the house clean with a almost 7 year old , a newborn and a single chick is a full time job in it's self!! But, i do my best to keep it clean and tighty! BTW, I'm out of coffee and wont have any till tomorrow on shopping day and this freaking stupid back ground is killing me! I need to wake up!!! I have a ton of laundry to do among other things..... So, until my next blog... I'm out xox

P.S- I checked in on my girls sleeping and they are snuggled up together looking so peaceful and soooo sweet!!! I pray their relationship stays strong and forever!!

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