Friday, July 13, 2012

Where is Mommy?

Day one of being without Katherine... I hope she is having fun! First I will say that I'm a hover type mother, I need to see what my babies are doing constantly even when there SLEEPING. I will awake numerous times a night to check on them. I found myself peeking in her room to see what she was up to quite a few times through out the day! It's only the first day and I'm going crazy,  I couldn't imagine my life without her, i think i have become more dependent on her being in my life then i in hers!!

I just don't understand some Mommy's and Daddy's who can walk away from there children. I know this is a controversial subject. But, hey this is MY blog, MY opinion and I will express it!!
Having a child is not something you just do for FUN or in a lot of ignorant peoples way of doing things, having a baby to trap a man she THINKS she is in-love with or vice versa. I know one chick(no names) who had a baby raised "it" for a few years then decided to tuck tail and run, leaving the child with "its" father, she got with another guy and had another baby raised "it" for a bit, then tucked tail again. She is now pregnant with a 3rd child by another man... I just don't get it. I can hear the women now, guys do it all the time!! Yes, they do and it's WRONG. but, a Mother carried that baby in her belly for at least 9 months and went through all that pain of delivery for what??? To give her babies away?!?  I personally felt like my heart was taken from my chest and placed in my arms when my babies we're born!! There are parents like myself who have had their baby taken away from them(to heaven) and i would give the world to have him back and then there are parents who throw their babies away like trash. I say SHAME on you, grow up and stop making babies because you do not DESERVE to be blessed as a parent!!!
I could go on for day's about parents who walk away from the babies, also could go on for day's about one parent not allowing the other parent to be in the child's life. I know one mother who would not allow the father to be in the child's life for years until the child was old enough to start asking questions, only then did she try to force him to be a "Daddy" to the child, while forcing him to pay child support the whole time! She even asked the father to sign his rights away and then when he denied her that she decided try everything in her power to make him "pay" literally by taking him to court to have CS raised knowing said father could barely afford to pay what was already due among other childish things.  I guess using the babies to hurt one another is priority to angry vindictive people!? Bad mouthing the other parent in front of your child only hurts your child because your just telling your child how bad half of him/her is because she/he is half of you and the other parent after all!!! If my hubby and i we're to separate one day i would never keep the children away from him, he was there to create them, the day they we're born by my side and has been here to help me raised them.. there is a connection there, he is not just a father to them he is their Daddy and pray that he would never walk away from them.....Urgh i could go on for day's venting......but i wont!!

 1st piece of my heart removed August of '05 Katherine Ann

 2nd piece of my heart removed September '10 Trent James Jr
 3rd piece of my heart removed on March '12 Gracie Emma-Jean

LOVE my babies now and forever!!!!

I'm out xox


  1. March 12? I thought that Gracie was born on March 30. Anyway, your post is very eloquent, wise, and poignant. You could have a future as a writer, you know. You almost made me cry; if you don't knock that off, I may have to stop reading your blogs!!!

    Heavy D

  2. March of 2012 She was born the 30th! I just put March "12(the year) ;0) any thank you for the kind words!!!! PLEASE dont stop reading!! ;0))))