Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday Party

My Punkie's party went beautifully! 
I was a bit frustrated at first, i just new the day was going to be ruined and i was totally stressing out. 
Nothing and i mean NOTHING was going right that morning....
First- All the colors that i had picked out while window shopping we're out of stock only day's later
for the streamers, napkins, plates, ect. This is why you do NOT wait last minute
to purchase these items.... But, financial situation caused that so it couldn't be helped.
Second- The cake i ordered was WRONG.. This really pissed me off.
Normally i would have threw the worlds largest fit and demanded they fix it or eat it after they wore it.
But, i said whatever just give it to me, i was in a time crunch and way over paid for it.
This is why i normally make baked goods important like this myself!!
Thrid- It was 100 degrees outside and we had the party at the park....
The cake was melting, the 50lbs of ice melted faster then we could get it in the cooler.
I was a sweaty hot mess, looking like a big fat grease ball.
 the most important thing of all Katie and her friends had a blast!!!
Thanks to my family & friends her day was made so special!!!
The kids got hopped up on sugar and played their hearts out.
We had a slip n slide
Crazy legs water sprinkler
Football games
Karaoke singing
The whole play ground and large pavilion for the kids to do as they please without worry of other people taking over!

It was a AWESOME day!
LOVE my girls to pieces!!
Can't believe my Princess is SEVEN!

BTW, after seeing these photos of my huge self, I'm utterly disgusted.
Major diet time!!

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