Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blue Moon Club

Once in a Blue Moon...
August 2nd & 31st 2012
There will be two Full Moons.
The second full moon is called a Blue Moon!!
There won't be another Blue Moon until July 2015!!!
What do you do every once in a Blue Moon??

I'm thinking of actually leaving the house!!
Have some drinks maybe to many drinks!
Maybe start an alter ego club.
 You know, where for one night your someone else, all your worries
and all your fears can just disappear. 
Change your hair color, wear clothes you never would wear being you,
Use a new name, be from another country, Kids? What kids?
One night to trade in puke splattered clothing for glitter covered
eye's and baby bottles for champagne bottles!

Although we love our families more then anything,
Do we Momma's not deserve one night?

Hi, My name is DeVine Harper.
I'm a 40 year old lesbian cougar from Canada.
I have a fortune 500 cosmetic company called "All that Glitters."
I'm a dreamy bitch that you could never take home.

Sounds fun, right?

Who's in?
Blue Moon Club


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Thanks a Million!

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