Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gracie Update

Gracie's heart is perfectly healthy!!!!!!!!!!!
All the heart tests came back perfect and you can imagine the feeling this Mommy is feeling!!!
I think i thanked the doctor about a freaktillion times, also thanked the medical students just watching LOL
My heart was singing sweet praise!!

My sweet sweet "Rainbow" baby's heart is perfect.

I want to thank everyone that prayed, wished and sent good vibes to my Graice girl!!


Katie & Gracie
 Real love right here!

After we left the hospital, my sister Stephanie and I went and did a little retail therapy, had some lunch and talked and talked and talked, lots of laughs and just PEACE!!
Finished up some school shopping and got some more craft supplies, the Punk Katie has been
asking and asking for more, so we are working on some new crafts
here is a little sneak peek of what we got going on!!
They are coming along nicely!

Today Gracie started rolling over like an alligator death roll LOL
She has rolled over a few times before but it wasnt on purpose.
My baby is growing to fast!!

So SO proud of my baby girl!!!!!

Things are starting to look up for this little family and i pray we stay on this path!
Yesterday & today has been the first time in so long that i really loved being alive, So much good news! 

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I will love ya forever & a day!!
Thanks a Million!!

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