Monday, August 27, 2012


I know i have said it a freaktillion times and guess what?!
I'll say it a f*%ktillion times more!!!
I LOVE my girls so damn much!!
Life would be ubber doober dooingly boreing without my Punk's!!

So, I'm cooking dinner and i hear Katie telling Gracie all about how she was made and how she
she is growing so fast.

Katie's version of how she & Gracie where made....

Katie: Gracie when Mommy & Daddy made you, Daddy put a Punkin seed in Mommy's belly button and you grew and grew and grew and then, the doctor cut your vine, so now your going to grow a lot and be just like me.

Gracie: Hey!!!

Katie: Gracie you are such a cutie little baby!!

Gracie: Hey!!

 Katie: I love you Gracie Girl!!

Gracie: Hey!!

Katie: Gracie are you listening to me?

Gracie: Hey!!

 Katie: Ugh(Shaking her head) Mom, is that all she can say?!?!!!

There is nowhere i would rather be then here, struggles and all just to be with my girls!!!
Love their freakin adorable faces more then life!!

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