Monday, August 27, 2012

I Got This, Got It?!!!!

Sleep. What is sleep? when your child's doctor tells you that your 4 month old "Rainbow" baby MUST go to a cardiologist because she needs her little heart checked. Yeah, so not much sleep has be had around our house since. I think the receptionist thought i was crazy, when she called... When the phone rang and i seen that it was "Shands" I lost it, with a sobbing "Hello" I answered the phone, She asked for the parents of Gracie and of course I said "Umm, you are not supposed to be calling me, Gracie's doctor was supposed to call me to say she is OK". The poor lady was beside herself trying to calm me. So, here we have been waiting for Tuesday. The first day i couldn't stop crying, I was in full blow panic attacks and the thoughts that where in my head where just crazy to say the least. I call my therapist but she is on mutha freaking vacation for TWO weeks. I lost her personal cell number and tried to get it from her office, but like the little beotches they are refuse to give it to me.. So i called my Momma!!!!!!! My first instinct is to call her anyways(but been trying to be not so dependent on her) I swear if it  wasn't for her i would be in a crazy house right now(Thank you, Momma) and My mother in-law woke up at 2am thinking of things i could do to help the doctor understand what has been going on with Gracie(Thank you, Tammy for the advice!) Besides a handful of friends and family, a majority of family members has yet to even acknowledge the fact my daughter is sick. It's pretty sad when a stranger on the phone has said more to me about praying and caring about Gracie then they have!!! Don't worry your little fucking heads off though cause this Momma has got this shit!! Got it???? Yeah..... You know who you are and if your offended by what i just said obviously it pertains to you!!!!!

Thank goodness for my blogging and all the wonderful companies contacting me to review and do giveaways, it has saved my life keeping me BUSY!!! In fact i have 2 more sitting on my kitchen table and 8 more coming this week, which i think was a bit of an over commitment lol But, i got this too!!!

I better go for now, got shat to do!!

Will keep all updated!!!

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  1. (((Hugs))) As for me I'll be holding the phone for that call tomorrow that our Gracie Emma Jean is gonna be alright! "I Believe" Amen