Thursday, August 30, 2012

If you only have 10 haters...

First Happy 5 months Gracie girl!! Mommy loves you to pieces!!! xoxoxoxox

So life has been pretty decent since i started taking my new medication. I mean i still have my down time. Like yesterday when i totally freaked out over NOTHING, TRASH really! I guess i just don't understand how someone could be that miserable with their life to be rude, hateful and just plain evil to someone who is finally getting it together and finding her happiness?!!! Today was the first day in a long time that i don't recall thinking at least once about take every single pill i have to sleep and never wake up, even with all the stress i still have(which is a TON) but hey the day isn't over yet, so well see!!!! The pain pills I'm on actually worked today, till now!! My hips and back are ass holes.....
Having bi-polar is something I've always had but just didn't know what to call it. For years the doctors have been throwing me on the newest depression medication just hoping it will work to shut me up. When my shrink lady told me i was bi-polar i was like, yeah OK whatever. I know bi-polar when i see it and I'm so not... She told me a little about it and gave me information and of course first thing i do when i get home is to  Google it!!!!! I was like wow it's totally not what i thought it was, I'm f*%king BI-POLAR!!!!!!
and even more proof is the medication designed for is starting to work... But, then again every time i start a new med it would work in the beginning but soon stop. So heres to hoping this shit works!!!!!

This rain has been pissing me off lately, I have some reviews the i want to get done but  they involve beach sand...
I need to check t he weather for Saturday. I'm really excited about a few of my up coming reviews!! I'm trying not to be to excited and be posting all over Facebook about them, which people tend to take it as I'm bragging and get all ass hurt. It's totally not that I'm bragging, it's just that I'm super excited and proud of myself for something i love to actually be working out! Although I've had this blog for a few months and done nothing with it until 2 months ago and in 2 months I've accomplished more then some people have in a year. That must mean something, right?!!! But... Oh, well haters gonna hate... Like Kat Williams says "Haters make us, If you only have 10 haters, you need to be having 20 more by the end of summer" Love that funny short fuck!!

It's bed time for the punks!

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Thanks a Million!!


  1. F*%$!ng bipolar! WHATS better than a bipolar friend with a best friend that SCREAMS out of nowhere? ? Lmao! NOTHING, NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THAT!

  2. NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL YOU F&$ING TURRETS Bitch!! Listen you forreal need to start a blog, we could totally take this shit on! Smooches XoX