Monday, August 13, 2012

Its a new world, People!!

Had a wonderful visit with my Momma & seester Stacey.
I miss them already, it feels like they we're only here for a few hours instead of 2 days.
I'm ubber excited to have my Punkie back home!!
We only have a week before school starts again, and i feel sick!!
Time to take advantage of school tax breaks and load up on clothes and school supplies!!
Hmmm.. Wonder if there is a tax break on diapers? wouldn't that be nice!?!

I just can't beilve my little girl is SEVEN years old and in Second grade already!
She is so smart is blows my mind!! 
This child of mine only made 3 B's the entire year, her last two report card's we're AB honor roll, she was so upset about it, I guess it lit a fire in her tummy because her very last report card was back being all A's!!! Very very very proud of her, 
although I'm proud of everything she does and the person she is! She got a PC Tablet for her birthday, My husband & I had a long conversation before we made the decision it was OK to have. I had no doubt's at all she should have one(cause i get my laptop back lol) Some people think that a SIX or SEVEN year olds are too young to be owning their own IPad or Cell phone. 
I do not. This is a new world, a world of technology. 
If i could afford the extra money monthly to give Katie a cell phone she would have one too. But, right now she hasn't even asked for one yet. It all comes down to responsibilities of parents, I do not allow her to just sit on the computer, tablet, phone, ect all damn day getting fat and killing brain cells.
 My kids LOVE to go outside and play just like i did as a child. 
Katie loves making mud pies, climbing trees and beating the neighbor hood boys in foot races!!
We read REAL books!!
You know the paper kind that you have to turn the pages!?
We love to read to each other and every week Katie check's out a new book from the library,
I believe that checking out books from the library teaches your children responsibility!
It is not yours so you must take care of it & return it when your supposed to.
Doing what you said your going to do & Doing it when you said you would,
Are must have skills in life!!
My children are far from being materially spoiled.
I will admit they are spoiled with LOVE!!
As every child should be.....

If i could give the world to them, they would so own it.
A real parent totally understands that statement!!!

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