Monday, August 6, 2012

Loves 2 Sew!

Last month my Auntie Joyce gave me a antique sewing machine and a large storage tub full of fabrics to learn how to sew! I think I've been doing well! Here are my latest pieces!

Gracie Girl modeling her Minnie Mouse dress & headband

 Just to adorable, right!?! 

Gracie Girl modeling her Watermelon dress & headband.
She wanted to eat it instead of wear it LOL

I feel so acomplished knowing i made
this all from scratch & no pattern!

Next mission-Rompers, Halloween customes & then Pageant dresses
Katie wanted to enter the Bell Christmas pagent so bad last year,
but since we had short notice it couldn't happen.
I'll be posting a blog about that soon!

So here is my ideas for the Girls Halloween costumes!

Katie "Draculaura"

Gracie "Cheer-Bear Care-Bear"
In honor of her being my "Rainbow Baby"!

My Girls will look FABULOUS, they always do!!

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