Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Rainbow prayers......

I try to go to bed around 8pm and don't fall asleep till 12am, I don't want to wake up till 6am but awake at 4am.... I'm surprised i got any sleep at all.... Cardiologist for Gracie girl this morning ... I feel sick, trying to stay positive and i know my baby girl is strong and she loves her life!!
 I'm so thankful for the ones who care about our little girl and I want to say THANK YOU to Trent for helping me learn how to talk to God, even if i have doubts about God being real, deep inside i know he is real. After losing my only son i went through a lot of religious battles. 
What kind of a God would give me a perfectly healthy stillborn son?? Why would he allow this beautiful baby to grow inside of me until 4 days before his scheduled birthday? Why would he allow my son to die inside of me?? No joking here, i was dead inside, my heart was broke beyond repair, my soul was crushed... September 2010 The storm of my life...

Then March 2012 the storm clouds eased, the lightening subsided and the down pour became a sprinkle. My new baby girl was born.. My rainbow shined through!!!! 

My sunshine finally has a rainbow!! Katie being my Sunshine, Gracie my Rainbow! 

 I need anyone and everyone who reads this to PLEASE pray, wish, send good vibes, ect whatever will work for my Gracie girl to be OK!!!!!  I will update everyone as i know whats going on!!
Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back beautiful Punk'n!!!!

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Thanks a Million!!


  1. Praying for sweet Gracie!

  2. No other blog, can ever match the beauty and sincerity and real feelings as this one. Sharon, I am so proud of you as a person, a mother and wife, and I am very proud to say as my daughter in law. These words have forever touched my heart. Thank you for sharing. You have become a amazing woman with much to say which benefits you and all of us who read your words.

    Love you much.
    Thanking God Gracie is healthy happy baby.