Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rumor Weeds.....

I really pray that my readers love my blogging, i try to hold nothing back. What's the point in holding back when you live in a small town like i do?? Everyone seems to think they know everything about everyone here, they actually should rename this place to Rumorville!!! and that's why i don't hold much back, if you want to know the truth I'm more then willing to tell you, so that you get the actually facts!!! In our family we have always said, " You can fart checking your mail and by the time it reaches the other side of town, you done shit your self with a nice runny consistency". Yeah, it's pretty much 100% true because Billy Bob done said so!!! LOL. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good people from here. but, good or bad people tend to get bored...  I shared my fair share of gossip not knowing if it was 100% truth. But, i never make shit up. That don't make it any better, but i thought i would throw it out there LOL

The absolute worse rumor ever started about my family was at my Son's funeral, someone driving past the funeral home said they seen my husband making out and being sexually with a friend who came to be there for us. What they really seen was this lady giving Trent (a sympathy hug). I got home that night and my messages where blew up with people who just had to tell me what someone said they seen.....
I just couldn't believe how heartless this person was to be so hateful to start a rumor of this extent.

Rumor weeds...NOT in my garden...aint got time for it!!! Honesty is the best policy!! You don't have to put things out there that you don't want people to know, But if you do at least make sure it's 100% the truth!!

While waiting for Tuesday to get here blogging is keeping me busy and from losing my mind!!!!

And now I'm running on with babble because i woke up a 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep...
Time to get the Hubber-Lover up and at um for work!!

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