Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thomas family needs your help!

Lloyd was diagnosed with Lung Cancer 2 years ago, Lloyd's daughter Lisa lives 800+ miles away and due to financial hardship is unable to afford to be by her fathers side. His time is drawling near, as his body is tiring from the 2 year battle. I started this Fundraiser to help Lisa come home and be by her father's side, so that she may let him know that it's OK, to let go and be at peace. I never had the chance to say "Goodbye" to my father, I would just like to give Lisa this opportunity to help them both be at peace! Donations will be use to buy tickets to get  Lisa home and to ease the financial burdens Lloyd's wife is under, on top of the medical expenses, ect I've been told that the family will have to move. My heart goes out to them and prayers everyday!

I set up a campaign here 
Also if you would just like to donate directly to the account you can donate here
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Here is a statement from Lisa-

Hi, my name is Lisa Dougherty, I currently live in West Virginia. Over 800 miles and 14-16 hours away from my step-father Lloyd K. Thomas. He has raised me since I was 1 yrs. old. So, you can all understand why it is so important to me to be able to be by his side. 2 years ago he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer that the doctors called Metastatic. Which means that it can spread to other areas at any point in time and without warning and I bet you have already guessed that it has. It spread to his brain which was inoperable. My family at one point were living up here in West Virginia with my children and I so, they could be closer to me and the grand babies! But, once Dad started getting weaker they moved back to Florida, to be closer to his Mom when his time came. So that they did..They moved to Live Oak, Fla where my Dad continued to get weaker and continue to go through treatment after treatment. Till the day came when enough was enough for his body to go through...Its sad when you have to come to the realization that enough is enough and you can't go on with one more treatment because your body isn't going to respond the way you want it to..It's just going to make it worse on you and cause you more pain and suffering..My Dad is not doing well at all. My Mom, Brother, and Sister are now preparing for his passing..He is currently under the care of Surrey Care Place of Live Oak, Fla where he is under going 24 Hr. around the clock care to keep him out of pain. His body is failing him, he's barely eating, his vitals are all over the place. The Doctor's are not giving him long to live and that's why this is a dire situation for me..I pray that God takes him home and takes away all of his suffering! We have been blessed with many great years with him and now is the time for him to be set free..I just wish everyday that I was financially able to go to be with them as they prepare for this horrible loss that is coming to my family. But, as I am unemployed and my Fiance' pays the rills and rent out of his disability check you can see that won't leave us enough for barely anything else..So if  my story has touched you in any way and can help out in any way I would greatly appreciate it...It would be a God send and my Mother Brother and Sister are going to need me...I am just scared to say that I think I might actually need them more...I love you Daddy you have been the best and I always will know you are watching over me and my family...

Thank you so much for your time!

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