Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We hate spiders!!

So, my pretty little Punkie wants to be a YouTube Star!!
We created her an account, you can find it here

We made a test video & put a funny video of Uncle Scotty on there LOL
It's toooo funny! 
Not sure who's going to be madder him or Auntie Stacey for her "nerdy" laugh!!

Earlier tonight as i was laying in bed with the girls editing videos, i felt something crawling on my
shoulder so i go to look and it's a freaking huge SPIDER!! Needless to say
I started screaming and flipping out!!!
I jumped up screaming and smacking myself like a mad women,
Katie started flipping outscreaming, crying with me and then Gracie started screaming crying. My poor poor girls we're screaming, crying without a clue of what the hell was going on, then when Katie finally seen what
 i was flipping out about(it was crawling up my leg after i done flung it across the room) she started panicking, jumping, crying, screaming for DADDYYYYY. so that made Gracie even worse. So my hubby comes running in the room like a murder had taken place(at this point i feel safe cause he's the spider smoocher) I look at my girls with terrified wide mouth screams and real tears pouring down their faces, I could not help but to BURST out laughing.
It took me well over 30 mins to calm them & Daddy had to show them the damn thing was dead!!

It's very much safe to say, Me & my girls are deathly afraid of spiders LOL
To bad i didn't have the video camera out!!!

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