Monday, September 10, 2012

I miss my camera!!!

I've been sitting here wishing i still had a nice camera. Mine broke and sadly i have not had the funds for a new one. I'm starting to really miss it. I'm missing it really bad actually, specially having a new baby.  I'm actually very good at taking photos. I'm not the best or even in the running for any "special" award for photography BUT it's the memories that you capture that count, and if you happen to know how to catch the perfect ray of light or sparkle in someones eye.. that makes it all the sweeter! Here is a few photos i took last year.
Had a conversation with the media PRM of SONY about reviewing some of their products.
But, will keep that under wraps for now!!!

I just MISS my camera!!!!

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  1. I think that the samples of your work that I've seen DO look professional and competetive.

    Heavy D