Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Braologie Review & Giveaway!

First, a little background information. The brand is Braologie, which specializes in bra fitting and own the exclusive line of shapewear (functional lingerie) that provides proper fit for improved posture. They are in a preparation stage of launching their brand and would like to reach out to you and see if you want to try our products and concept. Braologie has developed a unique way of bra fitting compared to conventional techniques that are out there. Not only can they give you the perfect size remotely by answering a few quick questions, They also give you a detailed evaluation on your current posture and how they can help you improve it based on what products they provide you with and teach you how to wear them properly. No more shoulder pains, bad backs, breast reductions and other problems that are associated by a badly fitted and supported bra. Do not think that only big breasted women have these problems, women that have cup sizes B also suffer since they do not know how to choose the right size are usually wearing smaller than they should be wearing.
Please note Braologie has not officially launched their website, until so please
visit their Facebook for more information and tip on how to properly wear a bra!

 I'm very happy that Tallia from Braologie contacted me and asked me to participate in this awesome opportunity fitting. From the moment i put on my bra i feel in love with my products. 
I was so use to wearing my unflattering 18$ Walmart bra, that when i looked at myself
after putting my Braologie bra on i knew i would never part from this bra EVER again!!!!

 I feel and look amazing in my Braologie products!!


A Braologie Guru analyzed 3 of my photos, along with a few questionnaires, and had me 
take my measurements to come to a conclusion on my fitted product! 

So who wants to win Braologie products???
Tallia is so generous she is offering to give 3 YES 3 of my awesome readers the chance to get analyzed and have your own Braologie products!!!

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 {Thank you to Braologie for their product for review! This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received for the review.}


  1. hope 2 win i voted 2

  2. Glad to see someone taking initiative on proper support. I've benn measured by "certified fitters" before at 3 very popular dept stores and each one said I was a different size. I have to try my bras on because I learned that each brand/style the size varies (just like with most clothes.). Expense is another problem to, to get the proper support (for a very well endowed woman) you have to spend major bucks. Keep up the good work Sharon. I love all these reviews...it really opens my eyes to new products.

  3. The girls need all the support they can get! What better time to give-a-away a bra than during Breast Cancer Month. Keep up the good work Sharon. Love the blog and product reviews.

  4. I would love to try this out! :)

  5. I would love to try one of these products. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  6. Since I've had my children I've had a hard time finding a comfortable bra but it still needs to be supportive. I've worn this all day, without any digging, or pulling, or bunching. I only ordered one but I will be ordering more soon. It came sooner than promised and I am very happy with the bali shapewear bra
    . If you are bigger and and on the move all day this is the bra for you!