Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going to town...

It never fails to be stopped a billion times by a billion people wanting to see Gracie,
It sometimes is just so overwhelming, I understand people want to see her and goo goo over her
but all i can think is people have germs and germs get us sick, being sick cost money... money i do not have.
It was the same with Katie, when Katie was 2 months old we were shopping and it took us 6 hours YES 6 hours just to get a cart full of food... after that i learned to bring my sisters and prepare to leave her with them as i shopped!! I can't even count how many times random people would stop us so they could give Katie a stuffed animal they had won from the machines outside the stores or give her cash to buy candy as i would not allow a strange to give her a piece of candy. Once an older man stopped us on our way out of Walmart so he could run in to buy her a toy and bring it back real quick. No lie Katie has 2 trash bags FULL of stuffed animals she has gotten from random people being out and about. It's crazy!

Now it is no different with Gracie girl....
Today i was even asked "are you sure you did not clone Katie?".
I'm pretty sure i can't afford that and I have two VERY different girls.
They are unique and special in their own way. 

Have a mentioned how much this Mommy adores her children?
All 3 of my children are blessings from God.
Not just because they are cute, adorable or beautiful.
But, because their insides match their outside my children are so well behaved and respectful 
They are beautiful souls!
I'm so very lucky that the Lord blessed me with them.

I could ramble on all day about my perfect babies But, I'm sure you can see how much they are loved!

Please VOTE for us!
Thanks a Million!
(Kisses from the girls)

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