Friday, October 19, 2012

Gracie's Birth Story

I have never shared Gracie's birth with you, so i thought it was about time i do!
After the loss of our son Junior, i thought i'd never have another child, i was to scared to even think about becoming pregnant again. But after i found out i was pregnant with our Rainbow baby i was a ball of nerves, i worried and stressed the whole pregnancy due to giving birth to a full term still born i was automatically high risk and put on full bed rest for the entire pregnancy, i was sick with her just like my other 2 pregnancies but that was nothing out of the normal for me. Well, on March 28th i had very bad pains.. so bad that my husband called the EMT to come get me, we went to the hospital and after a very long night i was sent home to rest. They said i was not in labor. I slept most of the day then around 7pm i stood up to go to the bath room and a gush of fluid came running down my legs, before i looked i felt deja vu from this very same thing happening with our son.. I looked down and it was blood. I panicked and started screaming for my husband Trent.. he came in and called 911 the EMT came and rushed me to the hospital.
It was not long after i arrived my doctor came to check me and he ordered a sonogram, about 15 mins after the sonosgram he came back to say flat out your having this baby NOW. I was never told why this happened I was so scared, as i lay there holding my husbands hand i cried and prayed that our baby was going to be OK, it felt as though i held my breath for hours, i couldn't breath ...really i couldn't breath and was given more oxygen .. I  knew the doctor had already pulled her out of me and i didn't hear a cry NO CRY?? I looked at Trent and he stood up.. soon as he stood up, I heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most amazing sound a mother can possible hear, the very first cry!!! Our darling rainbow baby Gracie was born a month early via emergency c-section on March 30th 2012 @ 2:30am!

We were not allowed to take photos of the actual birth due to it being an emergency c-section.
Here are just a few of the billion photos I'd like to share with you!


This day was a day full of blessings and rainbows!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! A precious blessing