Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm not always a sweetheart....

Took Gracie to her WIC appointment this morning and i flew off the handle at this VERY rude lady who worked there... Listen i know I'm here to receive a little help while my family is down on our luck right now BUT you do not have the right to judge me or be rude to me and everyone else there with your fake hair, fake eyes and fake whatever else you have... yes, Botch i can tell!!! The building is about the size of my freaking thumb and they want to over book people by oh say 50 billion people. There are about 15 chair total in this place and at least 30 people waiting with a bunch of screaming brats(Thank you Lord for blessing me with well behaved children) there was absolutely no place for me and Gracie to sit or stand, so i walk around the temporary "wall" they have up(might as well say cardboard wall) and I'm standing there.. All the sudden this women says to me with a tone that i wanted to bust her teeth straight out of her mouth "Your gonna have to move away from here and go over there to sit somewhere, I can't have you over in my business while dealing with people. It's a privacy issue."  Mmmmmmmmmm Ok Breath Sharon... Just breath... Nope that didn't work.. I snapped. I told that Beotch "Listen when a chair comes available or a f*#king place to stand comes available I'll move my fat a$$". She looked at me and said "Excuse me, if you can not watch your language I'll have to ask you to leave" another of the worker ladies giggled and walked around the cardboard wall to find me a spot. So i thanked her and sat down. I could hear the women i just yelled at talking and i peeped up with "Privacy issue, I can hear her discussing private matters with someone" the whole building of people lost it laughing and high 5'ing me!!!! 

Don't F with a Mommy just trying to feed her kids.

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  1. That's my badass cousin!!!

    Heavy D