Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Month...

Today (well technically yesterday)was one month since my husband has been away. 
I miss him very much, 
I'm just thankful we get to talk daily and ALL day on his days off!
After 8 years we are even more in love then when we first fell in love.
Some people may be happy that we are apart and miserable without each other.
But, that's OK because the saying "Time makes the heart grow fonder" is so true!!
It won't be long and we will be back together and let's just pray there won't be baby #4 come from it..
I love you Trent James with all my heart!

So, I can't sleep ah what's new you say? Well, WALKERS yes, walkers...
You know the kind from The Walking Dead... Yup, that's them!!
I missed the new episode yesterday night thankfully a friend of mine DVR'ed for me.
So i sat here alone in the dark watching it because i just can't get enough of it!!

I mean I'm the type of person whom LOVES horror movies, I just love the rush you get off being scared to living hell-O!!! I guess that's why Halloween in my ultimate favorite holiday!
My Dad was the master of scarey shat!
I recall one year being around 8 or 9 maybe a little younger, well i was taking a bath and i hear a tap at the window... I'm like OMG what was that? My heart started pounding dern near out of my chest.
I sat really really still for a few mins... waited a little longer... nothing..
So i resumed back to washing and playing with my toys.
All the sudden tap tap AGAIN.
This time i said calmly.. Mom.....
She didn't answer.
OK calm down Sharon breath it's Ok.
I stayed still as a statue, i could not move......
Then BAM BAM BAM BAM on the window and a F'ing Freddy face looking at me.
I hauled tail butt NAKED out of that bathroom screaming..
Slid through the kitchen and landed face first into my Mom who was running to see what was wrong.
That is just ONE of the many horror tales my father did to us LOL

It is so quite in this house i can't stand it.
At night is the worse.
During the day the girls keep me so busy i barely have time to think.
Which is how i like it!! Katie has been begging to paint pumpkins so i think that we shall do that very soon.
I had planned to take them to the fair but i decided to wait until the other fair comes to town, it's closer and more people that i know go to that one! 
Anyways I'm rambling..

Time to end for now!!

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  1. Your dad could be loads of fun. I usually had a blast with him. With all due respect, I think that you meant "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." That pic of you and Trent is one of my favorites.

    Heavy D

  2. No disrespect taken! I know the saying but i thought changing it to "Time" would be fitting!! I miss my Daddy. He was a load of fun when he was here!!!! And thank you i love that photo!!! It was fresh after we got married!!