Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thirsty Thursday!

This morning was just one of those days where you just want to stay in your PJ's in BED all day long, no phone, no internet, no people knocking at your door. I've been sleepless for days now and today i caught up on some much needed rest, I may have not slept all day but i sure didn't do a dern thing the whole morning!!!
Until Katherine got home from school, she has been asking me for months now to make her and Gracie matching Princess dresses, so i went to my craft/sowing room to get started only to find my bobbin holder was missing... so i started sowing by HAND!! I have got to find that bobbin holder!!!
And then to top it off i ran out of the color thread i need... so until i get more thread this week here is the dress in progress!

After that my day got a little better when the mail came and i received a package all the way from Hong Kong of cute buttons from Lots of Buttons, in honor of my princesses being adorable as buttons!
You should really check out all the cute buttons at great prices this company has to offer!

At the end of the day i tucked my girls away in there beds and my sister Stephanie and i shared a nice ice cold crisp bottle of wine to chill out, i normally don't drink but with all the stress I've been under i think this happen to be the best glass of wine i have ever had!
Now that I'm chill and relaxed i think i'll try to sleep!

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Thanks a Million!


  1. Awww! Nice way to end your Day! Everyone who knows you can testify she has never over indulged! So relax your ass off!!! Cheers to the Best Mother ever :))

  2. when people do or say things like this its because of their own insecurities and whoever said that should take a good long look in the mirror and correct their own mistakes instead of bad mouthing a damn good mom who had 1 glass of wine while kids were asleep. Just wanted you to know you are a very good mom who loves her babies more then life it self love ya girl hugs. 1 glass a wine a day is good for the body :D

    1. As long as she properly cares for her children, it's no one's flipping business as to how much wine she consumes!!! She's an adult. I wish that I possessed HALF of her character!

      Heavy D