Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Christian Fellowship Community Church 
Put on a wonderful carnival for all the kids at the town park.
 The girls absolutely had a wonderful time.
Trick or Treating was great although the girls really missed having Daddy here, Katie is not use to being without her Daddy he is the one who normally drags me out of the house for fun family times like this. I'm so glad that CFCC put the carnival on because it helped Katie cope with everything, having fun and doing something Daddy would normally be having us do! This is the first Halloween Trent has missed of Katie's and this is Gracie's first Halloween. I wish things were different but wishing is wasteful at least Katie understands what is going on and why and Gracie won't remember that he was away. 

Here are some photos and videos!

  Katie walking up to the Blackwell house!

Katie WON the bounce race! Yay!

Katie Jumping around having a blast in the bounce house!

Katie's balloon darts!

Showing how Jesus saves!!

A little cool trick!!

Happy Halloween!!
Hope you all have a great one!

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(Kisses from the girls)


  1. That could've been Kathy standing there and holding Gracie! Love the pix and videos; keep them coming!

    Heavy D

  2. Hi Sharon!! your family is beautiful! I'm very sorry you and your girls are going through such a hard time, may i ask why your husband is away?