Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ball of HELL!

Right this moment I'm so sick of people....

I feel like I'm going to burst into a big flaming ball of HELL! I'm sick to death of people and their stupid ways of thinking, Sometimes i look at a person and think to myself what planet did you come from? Maybe it's ME, maybe I'm the one who actually came from another planet, another world because i seem to be the only one with a freaking brain... OR a heart!!! I don't even need to get started on selfish people...

And another thing I can't even have this little space on the net to express fully what i want too, because i have stalkers who check my blog 50 million flucking times a day to try and find things to use against my family or just to be nosy flucktards who really couldn't give a shat about two little girls, they just want DIRT! How respectable is that?? So go ahead and share by blog with lies claiming my blog is for this and that. Hell do it, your just bringing me more traffic!!!!!

To my actually friends,family and readers who CARE about this blog and our Princesses, Thank you!!
I refuse to stop doing what i love, documenting my children's lives and reviewing products for awesome companies!!!!
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Thanks a Million!


  1. “hear hear” Thats my GirL :)

  2. Thank you!!
    I must be doing something right, after all I earned Honors of Top Parenting Site 2012, I'm number ONE on and number TEN on!!!! ;0)