Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Wish List!

I flipping lost Katie's Christmas wish list..... 
 I'm desperately trying to remember what was on it...
I think i will have her write up a new one with the excuse that i sent the old one to Santa and now Mommy needs a copy lol 
So here are some of Katie's wishes that i can remember!

LPS- She is totally addicted!

I will add the rest when she gets Mommy that new copy!

Here are some cute things that we seen around and thought Gracie would love to have!

I know i will see more things around to add to her's too!

Oh, and I can not forget MINE!! hehe I've been a AWESOME girl this year so Mommy deserves to wish too!!

Yes, I would love to get these things for myself BUT as long as my girls get somethings off of their list that would make my Christmas the BEST Christmas ever!
Hoping to get started on the shopping ASAP. 
With money being tight it may take some time( i know i can hear you now TIME???, Christmas is next month) I know I know!!! I'm just very lucky that we have raised our 7 year old to be grateful for what she has, she may not have a lot and of course she gets mad that she can't have the things her friends have but she knows that those things are NOT love, love is what we CAN afford in mass amounts!! 
A bed room full of toys means nothing without love!!!!!!

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