Friday, November 30, 2012

Cold Cocked the Bitty!!!

Katie has Bronchitis so her doctor put her on antibiotics and back to using the Neb every 4 hours. Gracie finally got her late late late shots thanks to the doc's office putting them off over and over, I finally had to get bitchy and demand them. I do not care if her doctor is a busy man... When my child is late on her shots that's very ridiculous. Being preemie is no excuse!!! she goes back Tuesday for her "Well Baby Check". She was such a big girl only one little tear and a major sad face. Mommy & Katie on the other hand were not OK and cried for her. When Katie watched the needles go in to Gracie's legs and Gracie started to cry out Katie screamed out "Gracie it's OK, Gracie you will be OK, It's OK It's OK" ( I think she was trying to make herself believe it more)as tears are flowing down her face. She couldn't handle watching her sissy in pain, watching both of my girls in such pain i grabbed the nurse and punched her square in the face, it all happen as if in slow motion. I watch this large nurse hit the floor cold cocked knocked out!!!  Standing there happy with what i have just done i smile an evil smirk smile.. my sister looks at me with an "What the hell did you just do expression on her face, 3 smaller nurses come running in yelling at me and yelling to call 911. I said it was worth it!!!! As the officers arrive to take me to jail i start to panic, a small little barney 5 officer puts me in hand cuffs and as we are walking out the door I was suddenly awaken from my day dream.. no i really didn't punch her LOL but oh how it felt good to day dream it.. but the thought of jail time always keeps this momma straight LOL!!!!! Never been to jail and hopefully never will!!!! I'm going through the "pick your battles wisely" deal. If i do ever go to that awful place i will make it worthy my while and take every second of time out on someones ass with satisfaction to hold me over till I'm free LOL !!!!

anyways just thought i would share this for now, Tuesday after Gracie's "Well Baby" I will post a update of what has been going on with our little family lately, till then Keep and eye on my wonderful *Holiday Gift Guide* and Please remember to vote for us daily!! Thank you for making us #1 on and #4 on!!!!! We LOVE you to pieces!!!!!

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