Saturday, December 22, 2012

Get the Basics Right for a French Inspired Party

Thinking of a French inspired party as a theme is one of those rare occasions when you get the opportunity to get involved in some of the many French stereotypes while drinking wine and eating fine food. For some French party ideas take a look at the list below.
French inspired party as a theme event is just one of those uncommon affairs you get to experience a lovely time imitating a typical French style party. You and your guests can have the opportunity to taste lovely food and drinks as well.
Let us look at some of the things you can do to provide authenticity to the event and make it look really special. The idea is to get your guests into the mood for the event and an appropriate buildup would be perfect to make the event a grand success.

1. Deliver your invites out using tiny French flags. Failing that you could possibly deliver them on cut outs of some other famous symbols and emblems of France like the Champs Ulysses or the Eiffel Tower. A cut out of a beret should also do the trick.

2. For the clothing, the guys could possibly be without a shave a few days before the event to have just the right stubble and rough look. Sporting a white and black horizontal striped pullover with a French beret will help complete the picture. A mustache and onion necklace would also be appropriate embellishments.

3. The women can ape a typical French maid or any other comical attire and really get under the skin of the character. It would be a great diversion for them and a welcome change from routine.

4. Have a good collection of popular French music to play in the background. Nothing simulates an atmosphere better than the right music.

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