Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Katie & Gracie Update!!

 I took the girls to the Doctor last Thursday as mentioned in my last update, Katie is doing much much better! The antibiotic's have almost completely kicked that case of bronchitis's bootata! Gracie did very well with her shots. No fever, No allergic reactions!! Thank goodness because Katie on the other hand had an allergic reaction to her MMR's in 2010 and it had me fearful Miss Gracie would end up having one also..
Yesterday Gracie had her "Well Baby Check" and doc said she is perfectly healthy and on schedule with her motor skills, verbal skill and such.  Katie was a very advanced baby, She was doing things way to early like walking at 9 months and saying the full alphabet and counting before a year old. So it is a little different for me this time around, their doc told me to not compare the two or with other children which sometimes can be hard when you worry if your baby is growing and learning . Which i really haven't compared Gracie to other babies her age, I won't lie and say i have not compared her to Katie because i have done it, thinking well Katie was doing this and that at this age expecting that Gracie would be doing it too. Gracie is not to far behind Katie's milestones and even if she were to be far behind it wouldn't matter, after losing our baby boy these things that judgmental high horse parents are so overly worried about are so very small to me. I'm perfectly happy and blessed to have a beautiful sweet healthy happy normal 8 month old baby girl!!
 Gracie weighted in at a healthy 18lbs 12oz & 26 1/2 inches long!!!!
Her new favorite word issss Mama!!! She is actually putting words together like "Hey Mama" and her morning wake up call is "Mama Baba". 
She is on the move with skinned knees and bumped noggin to prove it LOL 
She likes to wave with her whole arm and then turns her little hand around to "wave" at herself.
Since Daddy has been forced to move to Nebraska while we are still in Florida till further notice, She has become familiar with using the phone. She associates the phone ringing with Daddy, So every time the phone rings she thinks it's for her and tries her little heart out to get it from me.
Her favorite food it Applesauce and Peas!
Her favorite toys currently are her Musical Caterpillar and anything sissy is playing with!
 She is in the everything goes in the mouth stage and this girl will find the smallest things, when her fingers are pinched together i know she has something. It's crazy i will freak out, grab her hand to see what she has and it will be the smallest grain of sand. How does she find these things??? LOL
Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum!!

Katie is doing great! She is growing so fast my baby is turning into a beautiful mini teenie bopper ALREADY! She wants to wear make up(I only allow lip gloss and shimmer) she is lucky i allow that much, she wants to shave her legs(big fat NO) not yet Momma can't handle this!! She's ONLY 7!!
I'm happy to say she still loves Momma kisses and snuggles, I'm not looking forward to when she can't stand me anymore.... 
She is a healthy 59lbs and 50 inches.
She has maintained her A-B honor roll since starting school, each report card only have 1 B the rest A's!
She has a awesome imagination with her barbies and LPS.
She is a LPS freak LOL
She is a strong little girl doing awesome considering the life changes she has had to endure this year having her Daddy ripped from her... 
She & Gracie look forward to their daily phone time with Daddy!!
I wish i could just stop time, they are growing so fast. But, since i can't I'm going enjoy and treasure every moment with them!!


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