Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guest Post- Review of Melbourne Blind Company

Recently I had some work done by Melbourne Blind Company and could not be more satisfied. I want to give them a good review to let you all know how happy I am! I have been looking new blinds for ages, and I had a lot of trouble finding something that I liked because the top quality blinds are so expensive, but with Melbourne Blind Company I was able to find the quality and price that suited me, not to mention great service. Because we have some windows in the house that use external window shading and some use internal, so I had to look for varying shades to use in different parts of the house. I wanted to get rid of my outdated curtains as well.
There were heaps to choose from; roller glides, panel glides, romans, verticals, venetians, aluminums, shutters and blackouts. In the end I went for shutters in some parts of the house, which are external shades, and in other rooms I picked venetians in different colours depending on the colour scheme of the room they were in. I love venetians because you can control the amount of light they let in by adjusting the slant, or open the window completely by having them pulled all the way up. I'm so excited to finally have my new blinds installed in time for summer!

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  1. It sounds like a great company,and I sure wish I had blinds like that in our home.