Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo Friday!

We went to the park last week and I've been so busy i forgot to post them!
It's not everyday that we get to go to the park, so when we do it's kinda a big deal lol
We stopped for some very unhealthy but yummy fast food(which we don't do often) pigged out and played!
I think my little brother Scott was more excited about the park then Gracie!
When we got there i was delighted to see we had the place all to ourselves and the place was quite clean too. It was a bit hot though, Florida weather, ya know 80 degrees in the middle of winter lol
So Pretty, these are available at the Florida Welcome Center!

I can't beilive my sister Stacey still has her "Wish Box". I made 3 of these(for my Mom and 2 sisters) over 10 years ago. I made them from wood Popsicle sticks and the lid actually opens to store stuff!

Save me!!! As you can see she was not thrilled with the slide!


Look at that face!! I think she can take the Dino!!
Not ready to drive, Gracie? lol

Not looking forward to leaving my beautiful Florida for Nebraska..

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