Friday, March 8, 2013

Visit with the Girls Grandparent!

My inlaws came to Florida all the way from Wisconsin to visit us! They rented a Suite with connected room for us at the Holiday Inn, which was amazing. Nice little mini Vacation!! It was the first time Gracie meet them and I was fearful she would be scared and cry a lot BUT she warmed up to them very fast! The first night we were there they took us to a buffet style restaurant and Grandpa Larry fed Gracie chocolate pudding(I think that's when he stole her heart lol) she loved it! After dinner we went back to the hotel to just sit and visit but Katie had other plans!! When we first made these plans, Katie over heard Tammy(Grandma) and I talking on the phone about a spa area with a in door heated pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Gym, Ect. and she just couldn't stop talking about the pool for weeks! So when we got back to the hotel Katie and Grandpa immediately got there swimming gear on and headed down to the spa, I actually think they were dressed and ready before I could even get Miss Gracie out of her car seat LOL. I put on Gracie's FIRST swim suit, got mine on, met up with Tammy and we headed down too! Gracie wasn't thrilled with getting in the water at first, she seen Katie jump in off the side and it made a splash which scared Gracie till Katie popped up out the water laughing and smiling then Gracie started laughing and smacking the water, kicking her feet and just having a great time!!! It was Gracie's first time going swimming. I gave Gracie to Grandma and I headed over to the Jacuzzi, OH YEAH!!! I sat there and soaked up the relaxing goodness!!!! Let's just say I slept so well that night that we woke up at 2:45 thinking it was morning already! I got up changed Gracie, made her a bottle, made coffee then sat down to check my phone for alerts when I seen the time was 2:45am, I was like what? No freaking way LOL So Gracie and I played "quietly" till around 8am when Grandma came over. We went to breakfast then decided to go to the festival that was going on down town, lots of craft booths and food, they also had a big stage with bleachers so Gracie and sat down the watch Nick's Big Kid Band perform while Grandma and Grandpa took Katie to play in the big clear balls that roll around in a water pool. Katie had a blast! After walking around for while looking at all the lovely crafts booths we went back to the hotel and played in the pool for a few hours. Grandma decided to take us to Trent and I's date restaurant. It had been a while since I had been there with Trent being gone so long. It was strange, made me miss him so much more but at the same time a little comforting and familiar. Anyways We had a wonderful visit, the girls were so happy to be visiting with there Grandparents! Katie's already asking when they will visit again!!

I remembered my camera BUT forgot the SD card.....Just my Luck! Oh well, the cell phone camera had to do!!

Thank you, Tammy & Larry!

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  1. Reminds me of my little “O” … Can’t wait to get home… xoxo ^_^

  2. You are so welcome, but Thank you for the time we could spend with the girls and you. Memories were made, hearts filled with forever smiles that show on our faces as we tell anyone who will listen of the amazing grandchildren we have!

    Love you dearly. Kiss those sweet babies for us.

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