Friday, April 5, 2013

Gracie is ONE!!!!

Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!!!

Just can't believe my little girl is ONE, It's seems as though i just gave birth to her yesterday!
Please slow your growing down, it's all happening way to fast.
I'm going to be the mother suffering from empty nest syndrome so dramatically everyone will feel my pain, until then I'm going to soak up every second of your childhood. I love being your Mommy, I'm blessed to be your Mommy and so VERY proud to be your Mommy!!
My beautiful Rainbow baby!!
 Newborn Gracie

One year old Gracie!

Oh, the tears of every emotion.

Here is a little video of us singing Happy Birthday!

 We decided to get a virus a week before the party, I literally had 2 days to get everything ready for the party of which i had decided(before we got sick)to get all Pinterestie and do it myself everything.
The Cup cakes actually turned out better then i thought they would, with my tired shaky hands and they did taste yummy too, nice and moist! My house is still covered in every shade of neon glitter you can think of, i don't really mind i LOVE sparkles!
 I got these cute little pots at the Dollar Tree, 3 for a dollar(awesome right) and the little spin wheels also. Painted a rainbow on it and threw some dirty in the pot, trimmed the spin wheel and bam cute little side decor. I made the rainbow banner out of poster boards, paint and loads of glitter.
I bought a helium tank from Walmart for around 25 bucks(there was no way in hell i was stuffing a million balloons in the car and then try to get home with out dieing. NO, thank you!) I bought a crap ton of water balloons and made a rainbow arch for the entrance(boy did those balloon smell funky though LOL) I got a BUBBLE MACHINE so there would be bubbles just flying around, which was more annoying then i had thought but VERY cute, plus the girls can use it to play with when there having outside pool time. I bought a bunch of big bright neon rainbow spin wheels for the yard, so we put them all around the pool VERY cute! My Mom use to make "Rainbow Punch"  for my siblings and i when we were little, so i thought it only appropriate for Gracie's Rainbow party! So SHE made it! If you ask nicely she may be incline to give the recipe!
My sister Stacey on the left and my Mom in the middle where so helpful with all the party preparations! I just can't thank them enough for everything, I really do have a great family, I feel so very lucky for all the support they give me and my family! The only thing that would have made this day perfect would have been for Gracie to have her Daddy here.
Gracie was so scared of this Doggy walk n' ride toy she got, poor thing!
BUT, now she LOVES him. 
Look at Miss Gracie GO GO GO!! 
Love it!

To see more photos of Gracie's party click HERE!

Katie and Gracie partied so hard that, when it became silent i looked over and they both were snuggled up on the couch together passed out!! I tried to get a shot of them but just my luck the camera died before i could.

It was a GREAT day!
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(Kisses from the girls)

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