Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TootScoot Balance Bike Review/GiveAway!

 The awesome people over at TootScoot sent me this rad AWARD WINNING balance bike!
Although Gracie is not quite old enough or tall enough with her shortly McShort legs, soon she will be and I'm pretty excited to have this little gem waiting for her to ride! Katie our 7 year old on the other hand has put some miles on it showing Gracie just how awesome it is. 

We received the white TootScoot which happens to come with black stickers and pink stickers for boy or girl. The black stickers are already on the frame which you can be easily removed and replaced with the pink. The TootScoot balance bike is easy to put together, my 7 year old and I got it all put together in about 15 minutes tops, it comes with all the tools you need too!

The TootScoot comes in 4 colors, White, Red, Black & Blue!

The TootScoot is a balance bike intended for children ages 2-5. It was created with no pedals or training wheels. Children sit on the seat while pushing off the ground with their feet, scooting themselves and the bike forward. By first learning balance, coordination and motor skills on the TootScoot, children as well as parents will find the transition to a traditional two wheel bike much easier than without a TootScoot. 

 The TootScoot weighs approximately seven pounds and is constructed of steel tubing. There are chrome accents on the bike and round, rubber cushioned handle bar grips. The rubber helps to prevent scratching walls and protects the TootScoot when dropped. The wheels are made out of a durable plastic rubber material which means no need to fill tires with air. Also, the TootScoot has wider than normal wheels, making it easier for a child to balance on the bike. The handle bar and seat are both adjustable

The original TootScoot Balance Bike was created by Buck Hale for his one-year-old son as a Christmas gift. Buck rides BMX bikes as well as races motocross and wanted to see his son on a bike as soon as he could. Seth, Bucks son, soon started associating himself with the bike, playing with the wheels and pushing around on the bike. At only 18 months, Seth could ride and balance with his feet off the ground. Not long after this Seth was a pro, whizzing around and constantly stealing attention at every park they went to. According to Buck, watching your child ride so well at such a young age “is the equivalent of watching your child walk for the first time.”

With friends and passer bys constantly asking Buck where they could find a TootScoot for their child, or if he would make them one, he decided that this could be a successful product to sell. Having always had the idea in the back of his mind, Buck contacted some manufacturers and producers and began the process of the TootScoot. After nine months of going back and forth with the manufacturer with drawings and prototypes, the TootScoot was finally born.

 To purchase your own TootScoot Balance Bike Click HERE.


Wanna WIN your very own White TootScoot Balance Bike?

AMommysTale has teamed up with TootScoot to bring you this awesome GiveAway!
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 {Thank you to TootScoot for their product for review! This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received for the review.}


  1. I would love to win this for my son. Can we pick the color bike we would like to win?

    1. Hi Anonymous, If you would like to purchase the TootScoot in another color the link in above the Rafflecopter. The only color choice for the giveaway is white which comes with black stickers already on the frame and it comes with pink stickers for the option of removing the black to replace with the pink. Thank you for entering our giveaway, Good Luck!!

  2. I want the blue one for my son. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  4. My daughter would love this! Thank you for the chance!

  5. My daughter would love this! It is so little!

  6. I'd love to win this for my son, thanks for the giveaway!